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Homosexuality: How to Have a Loving, Respectful Conversation

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I recently heard a good sermon by Dr. David Anderson, pastor of Bridgeway Community Church, on the topic “Navigating Cultural Change: Gambling, Gays and God.” 

On Sunday, September 23, 2012, in part two of this series, Dr. Anderson addressed the topic of homosexuality.

Dr. Anderson used humor, compassion and several personal stories during his discussion.
I provide a link to the sermon below. (Dr. Anderson also hosts a live, radio call-in show, 3-4pm Eastern Time, Mon.-Fri., called “Afternoons with Dr. David Anderson” that I highly recommend. For more info:

Given that homosexuality is a hot button topic to many, Dr. Anderson provided suggestions for how folks can have an intelligent conversation about it, without becoming unkind.
Dr. David Anderson

Two points he made that I found interesting were:

1. At approximately 21:50 into the message, he provided “Three Frames” or “Topic Areas” to live in “The Land of Is” (you’ll have to listen to the sermon to get this important point about the Land of Is):
Frame #1: Homosexuality,   Frame #2:  Homosexual Behavior    Frame #3: Homosexual Agenda

2.  In Dr. Anderson’s opinion, homosexuality is not a sin, but a struggle. He argues that many of us have struggles, or desires, whether it be lust for someone outside your marriage, etc., but we should not act on desires that become sin.
I really recommend that you listen to/watch the entire message, as Dr. Anderson, who has a background in counseling, does a good job of discussing God’s view on sin and how one can have a civil conversation with others.

Two quotes from Dr. Anderson that spoke to me: 
1. “Comprehension begins with conversation.”

2. “Difference should be a doorway for dialog.” --I agree with Dr. Anderson that this doesn’t mean you have to agree on everything. You may have to come to a point where you agree to disagree, but do it out of Christian love for each other.
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