Monday, December 31, 2007

My List of Favorites for 2007

Many folks are publishing “Best Of” lists this time of year. I’m going a different route with my list as I’ve only begun to find new resources online.

On this last day of the year 2007, I present my list of personal favorites for 2007 in no order of preference (whenever possible, I’ve included a link to my previous blog entries about a selection):

My pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton covered this New Testament book in detail during 2007 and it quickly began one of my favorites. I learned a great deal about the work of the Holy Spirit this year thanks to this book and my pastor. Pastor Dalton's Bible study notes can be found online.

Kay Arthur discussed this Old Testament book of prophecy and I learned new things which I’ll apply to a story I’m writing. Read my blog about Kay Arthur.

God's Glorious Christian Soldiers - my first Christian book

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses Reasoning from the Scriptures with Mormons--both by Dr. Ron Rhodes

--Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life, by Tony Dungy. Tony Dungy is one of my favorite coaches as he’s a devout Christian.

Thru The Bible Commentary Series by J. Vernon McGee


MOVIES: The Last King of Scotland Forest Whitaker won an Academy Award for his performance as dictator Idi Amin. This movie was released in 2006, but I didn’t see it on DVD until 2007. When I was in film school during the 80s, I considered it blasphemy to see movies on video, as one of my uncles preferred. Now that I’m Middle-aged Man, I prefer to see movies on DVD and take my wife out on a nice dinner date instead of a movie and dinner.

The Bourne Ultimatum- Saw this Matt Damon action flick in theatres with my wife. I like the style of director Paul Greengrass and the use of hand-held camerawork.

Enduring Truth with Pastor Paul Sheppard
The Bible Answer Man
Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. Tony Evans

TV SHOWS: (After looking at this list, I’ve come to the realization that I watch far too much TV. I need to spend as much time reading the Bible.)

Charlie Rose
Day of Discovery
Dr. Charles Stanley
Dr. Who
Hell’s Kitchen: Watching this show is a guilty pleasure. I enjoy cooking, but wouldn’t last a minute in the kitchen of Chef Ramsey who curses constantly. I’m glad they bleep his tirades (in the US version), but I do find him humorous when he loses his temper. Chef Ramsey’s cookbooks are quite good. Kitchen Nightmares: Just watching this show makes me think twice about eating out sometimes. Lost Meet the Press: I’m a Tim Russert junkie. Love his political coverage. I tape his Sunday show sometimes to watch after church services. Monk The Closer Stargate-SG1 Tavis Smiley

WEBSITES: I read the daily briefing of entertainment industry news. (My site that I'm slowly building) - I enjoyed reading news about Sci-fi TV shows and movies. I don’t like most of them, but enjoy reading the news on this site. Rick Renner Ministries - Daily Sparkling Gems from the Greek

My favorite quote from 2007: "Good parenting is working yourself out of a job." --Pastor Paul Sheppard, Oct. 18, 2007

Well, I managed to finish writing this blog entry before the new year! We're off to Watch Night services at our church. I love my wife and kids!

A blessed and happy New Year to all!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Friday, December 28, 2007

Charles Stanley on Ending Well

As we come to a close on this year and reflect back, I recommend a sermon to put things in perspective from Dr. Charles Stanley entitled, The Challenge to End Well from his InTouch Ministries. You can also find this message in Dr. Stanley's audio archive for December 27 - 28.

In the message, Dr. Stanley discusses that we begin our lives in sin, but we can finish with God on our side.

Have a blessed weekend by telling others about Jesus Christ.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Thursday, December 27, 2007 Avoid First-Time Visitor Nightmares is fast becoming one of my favorite sites. The owner of the site, Christopher Walker, also known as Pastor Chris, does an excellent job of teaching different ways to witness for Christ. See my Nov. 19, 2007 blog entry for more background info.

I highly recommend that you read a free article that Pastor Chris wrote originally for Net Results Magazine in the October 2007 issue entitled, Avoid First-Time Visitor Nightmares: Red Carpet Hospitality. You can sign up to receive the free article by going to, then select the blue, Get Your Free Article button in the top, right corner.

I don't want to spoil the article for you, but Pastor Chris makes the reader aware of the little things we may be doing within our churches that may turn visitors off. Sometimes, we become so comfortable with our church family that we fail to remember the needs of visitors.

While reading the article, I laughed with recognition when Pastor Chris wrote, "I've learned to avoid asking, 'Is this your first time here?' It may not be. I've embarrassed myself once too often by greeting a long time member who was back in town or someone who had visited while I was away." I've done this as well and now make a greater effort to do what Chris recommends, which is to introduce yourself and say, "I don't think I've met you yet."

I'm terrible with names, so I've also learned to put embarrassment aside and say, "Could you tell me your last name again please?"

While at, please look at the wealth of other info Pastor Chris has provided. He has material from and Internet Evangelism Day, on using the Internet to share your faith, which of interest to me given that I'm new to online evangelism.

Pastor Chris recently returned from a missions trip to Nicaragua and you can read about it at his other site,

Thanks for reading my blog!

If you have Christian resources you'd like to recommend, please contact me:

Your brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Testimony: A Road to Faith, Lined with Questions

During the upcoming year, I want to feature personal stories of how different people came to accept Jesus.

My goal for the year is to find new, easier ways to demonstrate and discuss why one should follow Jesus. Personal testimonies, I would argue, can often serve as a powerful means to draw others to Christ.

I read a wonderful testimony by Tom Lange in the Monday, December 14, 2007 Washington Post entitled, A Road to Faith, Lined With Questions.

Lange writes about accepting Christ at the age of 6 and how he came to question his faith as he became a young man, yet went on to confirm his belief in Christ.

Tom Lange chronicles his Christian journey quite well and leaves the reader with a strong message about his enduring faith.

You can read my personal testimony online as well.

Be blessed today by having a conversation with God through prayer.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Blessed Christmas to You!

This week I read and heard several items which discuss various positions on whether Christians should celebrate Christmas. The Washington Post ran an article entitled Some Christians Shun Christmas on Sunday, December 23, 2007.

Other stories pointed out that Jesus was not born on December 25, but perhaps in November as discussed at

The New Life Community Church, in Stafford, Virginia, cites research which places Christ's birth in September. My Pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, mentioned July as Jesus's birth month as do other scholars. The House Christian Network Association does a good job of explaining the July estimate.

I found an interesting site called that offered an estimate based on the Hebrew calendar, certain festivals and Biblical references. provides a chart of the Hebrew calendar.

I must admit that I don't have a firm position on the date of Christ's birth, as I haven't read a lot of research. But I do know that the Bible does not give us the exact date of our Saviour's birth, but I have no problem with celebrating the birth of Christ. I just don't like the way the celebration has been hijacked by commercialism with attention drawn away from the birth of our Saviour.

The phrase, "Jesus is the Reason for the Season," may sound a bit corny, but it's true and I will continue to see this time as a celebration of Christ's birth, for without Him, I would be lost.

A blessed Christmas to you all.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Monday, December 24, 2007


This morning I was trying to think of something useful to write about, prayed about it, and the Lord came through, as usual.

I received a nice comment from Joe, a new believer in Christ, who writes a blog called Good News at

Joe gives a wonderful testimony of his acceptance of Christ on his About page.

I'm so glad Joe wrote to me because one of my goals for starting this blog and companion site at was to communicate with other believers and reach out to people globally who haven't accepted Christ as their savior.

Joe provides a wealth of info in his blog entries about various resources available to Christians. I look forward to exploring his posts and the links he's provided to other sites and blogs.

Have a blessed day by telling someone about Jesus.

A very blessed, joyful, and safe Christmas to everyone!

Your Brother In Christ,

Steven Kendall

Friday, December 21, 2007

Tychicus: Paul's friend and faithful minister in the Lord

Woodrow Kroll's Back to the Bible broadcast repeated a lesson on Ephesians 6:21 about the apostle Paul's friend, Tychicus (tik'-i-kus).

I'm a fan of Paul, thanks to the Bible study of my Pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, so this message about Paul was of great interest to me--plus, Ephesians chapter 6 is one of my favorites.

To learn more about Tychicus, go to Bible History Online,, as it has info about Tychicus.

This broadcast is worth looking at as Woodrow Kroll does a good job of using Paul's friendship with Tychicus as jumping off point to discuss how we can be faithful stewards of what God tasks us to do.

Look for the Thursday, December 20, 2007 broadcast, Co-Comforter of Others.

Be a blessing to someone new today by telling them about what Jesus has done for you!

Have a joyful weekend.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pastor Paul Sheppard's Christmas Messages

Pastor Paul Sheppard has a great series of sermons this week about Christmas.

When you go to Sheppard's Enduring Truth audio ministry page, at, be sure to look for Pastor Sheppard's messages for the week of December 17, 2007.

You are blessed today because every new day is a blessing from God.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Wednesday, December 19, 2007 Computer Resources for Bible Study and Worship is a site by Terry Taylor, a Sunday School teacher at the Church of Christ in Carbondale, Illinois in the Unites States. Terry's site offers a wide variety of free resources for computer use such as graphics, PowerPoint backgrounds and presentations, photos of Biblical places and a whole lot more. You must visit this site and explore it as I can't begin to describe, in this limited space, the vast amount of quality material available at

This site is a fantastic resource for anyone who uses a computer to generate materials for church use.

I have made use of the Sunday School materials for children and plan to check out their recommendations for the Best Sites For Online Bible Study.

You can sign up for a free, monthly newsletter at and visit their blog of helpful tips and reviews of hardware and software.

If you have a site you'd like to recommend for Bible study resources, please contact me:

Have a blessed day by studying God's Holy Word.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Acts 21:1-16-- Bible Study Tuesday

Today is Bible study Tuesday at my church, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. Our Senior Pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, recently discussed the New Testament Book of Acts, Chapter 21, verses 1-16.

You can read Pastor Dalton’s notes online at

Have a blessed and safe day!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Christmas Story: Variations on an Eternal Gift

My blog entry today is much longer than what I usually write, but it is about an event that merits great discussion, thought and praise—-the birth of Christ.

This time of year preachers are delivering sermons about the birth of Christ and I find it both comforting and interesting to listen to how God delivers this message through them in different ways.

In his radio message today, Pastor Paul Sheppard preached on the topic, “What We All Got For Christmas” based on Matthew 1:18-25. Pastor Paul talked about how God gave us the best Christmas gift ever, over 2,000 years ago when Christ was born. The gift of Christ, said Sheppard, is an eternal gift of everlasting life if we accept Him as Savior.

Preacher Chuck Swindoll is airing a multi-part series he started last Thursday, December 14, 2007 entitled, “Meet Mary…the Favored One,” based on Luke 1: 26-38.

My pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, used Matthew 1:18-25 as the text for his subject, "God With Us.”

Pastor Dalton pointed out that the story of Christ’s birth can be viewed as having a sub-text about male/female relationships and made four points:

1. We should strive to have a relationship with someone who is righteous , and loves God, like Joseph, who being a righteous man, didn’t want to publicly embarrass Mary, and was going to divorce her quietly when she became pregnant. Joseph showed his love for God when he obeyed an angel who told him in a dream to marry her as she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit. Pastor Dalton also made an observation that I’ve forgotten about: That Matthew focuses on Joseph’s side of the story, while Luke(1:26-56) features Mary. What a blessing that God used the personalities two different writers and inspired them to write about the birth of Christ.

2. When entering into a relationship, we should seek someone who is impregnated with the Holy Spirit. At first, I didn’t know where Pastor Dalton was going with this, but he went on to talk about how we should seek someone who is full of the Holy Spirit, instead of worrying about what someone looks like on the outside.

3. Some things are worth holding onto in a relationship. Dr. Dalton made several points here, but one that stuck with me is the notion of people who say it is unrealistic to remain platonic in a relationship before marriage. “If someone says, ‘it’s unrealistic, tell them, it’s Biblical.’ ” said Pastor Dalton.

4. God establishes the most perfect relationship of all—our relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Pastor Dalton explained that the most intimate, pleasing relationship one can have is with God, through Jesus Christ. Pastor closed by reminding us that the prophet Isaiah, as recorded in Isaiah 7:14, said that a virgin would give birth to a child they would name Immanuel, which means, “God With Us.”

God came to earth in the flesh, as Jesus, to dwell among us, and save us from our sins so that our relationship with God would be restored through Jesus, our emissary to God.

So, in these days leading up to Christmas, listen to different sermons about the birth of Christ to gain a deeper understanding of the eternal gift God gave us, His Son Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed day by telling someone about what Christ has done for you!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

P.S. Check out my other personal blog, about recent book reviews of religion books

Friday, December 14, 2007

Angel Tree: Helping the Children of Prisoners

25 years ago Chuck Colson, who was once in prison for Watergate related crimes during the Nixon administration, founded The Angel Tree Program as part of his Prison Fellowship Ministry (PFM).

As the PFM Web site states, Angel Tree is a program which provides Christmas presents to over 500,000 children of inmates on behalf of their incarcerated parents.

If your church does not participate in this program, you can make donations online at the PFM site.

Have a safe weekend and be blessed by thanking Christ for what He has done for you.

God bless,

Steven Kendall

Thursday, December 13, 2007

101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, I found a recent radio program very helpful with regard to how I think about this holiday, which should celebrate the birth of Christ: Family Life Today aired a two-day broadcast called, "101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas."

Media Analyst, Brenda Verner, owner of Verner Communication, provided a number of wonderful tips for keeping the focus on Christ this Christmas. Verner has a book of the same title called 101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas and you can read an excerpt online at

You can both read a transcript of the broadcast and listen to it online at

Be blessed today.

Steven Kendall

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tony Dungy: The Quiet Strenth of a Christian

The Focus on the Family radio program is rebroadcasting a three part interview with Tony Dungy, head coach of the U.S. football team, the Indianapolis Colts.

Coach Dungy professes his faith publicly and I've been a fan of his for quite some time. I admire both his willingness to discuss his walk with Christ and how he serves as a great role model as both a Christian and as a football coach.

Dungy also wrote an excellent book about his journey as a Christian entitled, Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices and Priorities of a Winning Life.

I highly recommend that you buy Dungy's book and listen to his interview this week.

Coach Dungy and fellow Christian coach, Lovie Smith, of the Chicago Bears, had an ad in USA Today during the last Super Bowl for the site, about Christian coaches and athletes and Christ.

Be a blessing to someone today by telling them about what Jesus has done for you.

If you want a relationship with God, through His son, Jesus Christ, here's a prayer you can say from the site.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Acts 20:26-38-- Bible Study Tuesday

Today is Bible study Tuesday at my church, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church. Our Senior Pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, recently discussed the New Testament Book of Acts, Chapter 20:26-38.

You can read Pastor Dalton’s notes online at

Have a blessed and safe day!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Monday, December 10, 2007

Tim Tebow: Witnessing for Christ on ESPN

In his sermon yesterday, my pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, mentioned Tim Tebow, a U.S. college football quarterback, who won the prestigious Heisman Trophy award for his outstanding year as a football player.

Tebow is a sophomore at the University of Florida, and one of the youngest students to win this award.

What was significant about his acceptance speech, my pastor pointed out, is that Tebow began by thanking Jesus Christ as his personal savior.

I didn't know about Tebow's background so I did a little research and found that his parents, who are missionaries,instilled Christian values in their children at an early age.

Tebow used the live, international broadcast of his speech on the sports network ESPN to proclaim his acceptance of Christ.

I applaud this young man for his sincere acknowledgment of Jesus, as he opened the speech with, "I just want to start off by thanking my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, who gave me the ability to play football and for giving me a great family..."

You can see Tim Tebow's speech online at

The Baptist Press has an article from 2006 about Tim Tebow's Christian background.

Be blessed and share the joy of Christ with someone today.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Friday, December 7, 2007

Romney's Savior is not my Savior

Yesterday I wrote about Mormonism and provided links for readers to do more research. Now that Mitt Romney made his speech about his religious beliefs, I want to follow-up with a look at some of the specifics, or non-specifics actually, from Romney’s speech.
In his speech, Romney said of Christ, “I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind.” That may sound like he is a Christian, but one must look at how Mormons view Jesus Christ. posted an interesting article which discussed this issue, entitled, “This I Believe: Romney's incomplete speech on religion in America,” by John Dickerson. Dickerson writes, "Romney mounted a defense of religion in the public square—on his terms, which became clear when he started talking about Jesus. 'I believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind,'he said, but then he quickly closed the door to further questioning about any of his specific beliefs. He argued that Mormonism was merely a different brand of Christianity and that to pick at the differences between Mormons and other faiths was incompatible with America's history of religious tolerance.
Some evangelicals won't like this. Why does Romney get to show them some of his doctrinal beliefs while shutting off discussion of the others?
He wants credit for saying Jesus was the Son of God but doesn't want to answer for the other ways many Mormons see Jesus. This is not just a quibble, as Romney seemed to suggest. This is evangelicals' fundamental question about Mormonism. Christians see Jesus as the literal incarnation of God. (The doctrine of the Trinity states that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are all God.) Mormons see Jesus as literally the son of a God, but also as a separate God, just as the Holy Spirit is separate. For those who focus on these differences, Romney's argument that Mormonism belongs within the Christian fold is a shocking theological claim that can't go unanswered."
The article also features a link to a comparison chart of Mormonism to Christianity.
I view Romney’s commitment to remain a Mormon, and his attempts to equate the Mormon view of God and Jesus with Christianity as clear signs of poor decision making and I will not vote for him as a result.
Please have a blessed weekend and tell somebody about Jesus Christ.
Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Kendall
Check out what I wrote about the new movie, Golden Compass, based on a series of books by an atheist author, on my other blog:

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Learn the truth about Mormons

U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney is scheduled to deliver a speech today about his Mormon faith.
In light of this, at the end of this blog entry, I’ve provided links to several resources about Mormonism.
As I grow stronger in my faith in Jesus Christ, I believe the Holy Spirit is compelling me to be an even bolder witness for the death, burial and resurrection of my personal savior.
I do not agree with the Mormon faith, but have witnessed to Mormon missionaries who were in my neighborhood last summer. I approached two young male missionaries, known as Elders, in their church, and invited them to setup an appointment to meet with me.
Our initial meeting was held in my backyard, where I shared my testimony and asked them to describe why they chose their faith. I write about this first encounter in a future blog entry.
In a second meeting, I treated the missionaries to lunch at a local burger joint. My goal was to share my testimony of what Jesus means to me and has done for me. I tried to do this with kindness, respect and gentleness.
I kept in mind something my pastor said to our Baptist congregation, when he gave a quote usually attributed St. Francis of Assisi, “Preach the Gospel at all times. Use words if necessary.” So, instead of arguing with the Mormons I broke bread with, I tried to show and share with them my love and joy in Christ through my actions.
The flowing are links to info about Mormonism that I’ve used for my personal research:
I read an excellent book by author Ron Rhodes, "Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Mormons":
He also has a book called "The 10 Most Important Things You Can Say to a Mormon" Institute for Religious Research
A Comparison of Mormonism and Historic Christianity: Living Hope Ministries has streaming videos on their site such as The Bible vs. The Book of Mormon:
Mormon Research Ministry:
Tips for Witnessing to Mormons:
Ex-Mormons: (Bible Answer Man) resources:
I don't want to overwhelm you with a lot of info, but I have a real passion for defending my faith, by understanding the beliefs of other religions and cults:
You can find more resource info about Mormons on my other blog listed below.
Be blessed and share your personal testimony about Jesus with someone today.
Your Brother in Christ,
Steven Kendall
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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Coach Joe Gibbs and his ministry

While doing research for a blog posting about the funeral of US football player, Sean Taylor, on my other blog,, I came across the ministry Web site of Sean's coach, Joe Gibbs, a professed Christian.

Gibbs provides a weekly Bible study message, which he calls the "Weekly Spiritual Game Plan," as audio, video and in print on his Web site, JoeGibbsOnline. Visitors can also sign up to receive his weekly Bible study via email. In addition, the site offers a free New Testament Bible by mail.

I signed up for the free Bible and will blog about it at a later date.

Please have blessed, safe and warm day.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Acts 20:13-25: Bible Study Tuesday

Today is Bible study Tuesday at my church, Mt. Moriah Baptist Church.

Our Senior Pastor, Dr. Lucius M. Dalton, recently discussed the New Testament, Book of Acts, Chapter 20:13-25.

You can read Pastor Dalton’s notes online at

Have a blessed and safe day!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

Monday, December 3, 2007

60 Minutes: Dire Times for Iraq's Christians

On Sunday, December 2, 2007, the U.S. news program, 60 Minutes, aired a segment about Christians being persecuted in Iraq.

The story begins with reporter Scott Pelley setting the scene in Iraq, "From the time of Jesus, there have been Christians in what is now Iraq. The Christian community took root there after the Apostle Thomas headed east.

But now, after nearly 2,000 years, Iraqi Christians are being hunted, murdered and forced to flee -- persecuted on a biblical scale in Iraq's religious civil war."

A priest stationed in Iraq was interviewed about how the remaining Christians must worship in secret, for fear of being killed.

Another young man talked about how his family would go to church in shifts, so that if half the family was killed in a church bombing, the remaining half would still be alive.

As my pastor recently commented, we as Christians really don't know what its like to persecuted for our faith.

After looking at the 60 Minutes story, I will start praying for Christians all over the globe, who are persecuted for their belief in Christ.

You can view more info about the 60 Minutes story at the CBS News site:

Please have a blessed day and tell somebody that you love them.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall