Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 27--Internet Evangelism Day

Hello friends,

I wanted to post the info below much earlier, but became bogged down with both illness, followed by a busy schedule as I was behind on projects.

Well, better late than never! : )

Below is an excerpt from a press release about Internet Evangelism Day. I hope you will support this bold, worthy effort:

Sunday, April 27, has been designated as Internet Evangelism Day. Churches can download free materials from the Internet Evangelism Day website. These materials make it easy for churches to create a short presentation about online outreach on or near that Sunday. A PowerPoint, video clip testimonies, drama scripts, music and handouts can be used to create their own customized program lasting from one minute to 50.

The people behind Internet Evangelism Day also provide year-round resources about online outreach. The ministry explains many ways that Christians can share the good news, including through church websites. Churches often find it difficult to create a site that will engage with outsiders in their area, and find themselves asking, "How can our church website help us reach out into our community?"

A new online tool released by IE Day provides churches with a free 15-page evaluation report. Users assess their own website by answering 55 simple questions. Their customized report is immediately displayed online, ready to print or save. The report's recommendations are tailored with specific practical suggestions, based on the questions that were ticked. View the evaluation tool here:

For more information, please

Contact: Tony Whittaker, Coordinator, Internet Evangelism Day Tel: +44-1283-702334 (GMT office hours) email:

IE Day is an initiative of the Internet Evangelism Coalition, a group of online ministries, at Billy Graham Center, Wheaton. It is completely free with NO fund-raising component.

Have a blessed day by reading your Bible and sharing your love of Jesus with others!

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall

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