Thursday, October 20, 2011

Chapter 1: Pastor Jones Woke Up Angry

Live Twitter Novel: 

The Substance of Things Hoped For

Chapter 1: Pastor Jones Woke Up Angry
4:34am: Jones was startled, suddenly awake and realized he was biting down on the corner of his pillow--an involuntary response to choking in his sleep.
The last time this happened, it was quite scary as he choked for several minutes. He also woke up his wife, which wasn't she often slept through thunderstorms and all manner of natural disasters. He would joke with her and remark, "If I only had your superpower--an ability to fall asleep in seconds and sleep through every noise around you."
The Jones' had a running joke, that was based in reality. One morning, a few months ago, he asked, "Did you hear those helicopters last night? She would have smiled if she wasn't so sleepy, but just looked at him, which meant, "No, honey, I didn't hear them. There were helicopters out there last night?"
He was beginning to look forward to asking her the next day about any manner of noise or event that kept him awake, yet never stirred her.
She recently took to saying, "I just feel so secure with you, honey, that I sleep right through anything."
She said it with both a humorous, but sincere and loving tone and he appreciated the feeling she was trying to convey.
-For those of you reading this, I'm Tweeting in real time, a story the Holy Spirit is pouring out of me. 

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