Thursday, October 20, 2011

2) Sleep Deprivation

Live Twitter Novel: 
The Substance of Things Hoped For

Chapter 2: Sleep Deprivation
The choking didn't last very long this time. As Pastor Jones turned on the light in the bathroom, he recalled that he didn't.
take his last dose of prescribed steroids before going to bed last night. 

To be quite frank, Jones didn't feel like getting out of bed last night. After he found a comfortable position in bed, Pastor Jones just wanted to rest. 

He wasn't getting much sleep the past three days and asked the Lord, "If you don't want me to sleep much, I understand and trust you to provide rest when I need it." 

Jones was confident that if God wanted him to continue without much sleep, God, who made all things possible, could certainly transform his puny human body to deal with the severe sleep deprivation and function without being too cranky, or have a loss of productivity.