Friday, March 14, 2008

New teen Christian book by Author, Victoria Christopher Murray

Christian novelist, Victoria Christopher Murray, was a guest on the radio program, Crosstalk Urban Style, yesterday on

Murray discussed her latest Christian book for teens, Diamond (The Divas), about four teen girls who form a gospel group. An excerpt from the online promotional material reads, "The Divine Divas. They're fifteen and they're fine, and they want to be the hottest, hippest new girl group to hit gospel music. First they'll have to win the team talent competition. But with looks, energy, and voices like theirs, they are sure they'll go right to the top."

The author pointed out during her interview that she wanted to create characters for teen girls that were hip and holy.

I enjoyed listening to the interview and was excited to order a copy of the book for my daughter as the book features African-American, Christian teens.

My wife has read several of Victoria Murray's Christian books for women, such as Joy, Temptation, and Truth Be Told and enjoyed them.

Murray has two well designed Web sites for her teen and adult Christian fiction, including a clever page by the fictional Diva characters.

Have a blessed weekend by supporting Christian authors--buy their books (especially Christian fiction) and spread the word!

Echoing something Ms Murray said during her interview, when you buy a Christian book, you are voting with your dollars and prayerfully, publishers will take notice and offer more books of this important genre.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall