Saturday, March 29, 2008

Steven Kendall's New Talk Show

I haven't blogged in recent days as I've been busy preparing an Internet talk show that I will host on

This is real short notice, but... You are cordially invited to listen to my new Internet talk show, called "Write On, Right On, Write On!" on http//

The program will be about writing and self-publishing tips.

This Saturday at 6pm ET, I will do a 15 min. practice run of my show so that I can get a feel for the technology. I'm pretty tired from composing, recording and uploading my theme music--wait 'til you hear it! A warning in advance...I will need piano lessons soon. : )

You can call-in during my show to speak to me live at: (646) 200-3542.

Hope you can listen tonight!
If not, no problemo, the show will be recorded and available online for free.

I hope to do a weekly show soon, so you'll have an opportunity to hear me run my mouth in the near future. : )

If you'd like to be a guest on a future show, please contact me.

God bless,

Steve Kendall