Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pastor Paul Sheppard spoke in Virginia

Went to see Pastor Paul Sheppard, of Enduring Truth, a media ministry, at Fairfax Community Church in Fairfax, Virginia last night on a date with my wife. We’ve been married almost 20 years and try to go on a date at least once a month.

We listen to Pastor Paul on the radio, WAVA FM--well, my wife does as I’m rarely coherent at the early hour of his broadcast in my area—I listen online. I strongly recommend that you listen to Pastor Paul Sheppard on the Internet as you can access an archive of recent messages. I’ve been blessed in my thinking and actions as a result of taking his messages to heart. My wife became a fan of his show about a year ago and turned me on to his funny, yet Biblically sound and relevant sermons.

Last night, he gave a message called Choices and used Deuteronomy 30:11-20 as his text for discussion.

Some of the points Pastor Sheppard made included:

--When you have a choice, it doesn’t mean you are sovereign. God is sovereign. He is in charge, not us.

--There are some things you have no say in. “Opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one,” joked Pastor Sheppard.

--Pastor Paul pointed out that we all will be held accountable by God as he quoted Isaiah 45:23, “That unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.”

--The only question is when you will bow, now, or on Judgment Day in front of God, said Sheppard.

--God commands us to love Him. Pastor Sheppard pointed out Deuteronomy 30:16 as a key verse in the text he chose. When you love God, it is a decision you make in response to His grace because He first loved us.

--Pastor Paul also discussed that it may cost us to love and obey God. We may experience tough times in order to get to where God wants us to be. Pastor Paul quoted the often used saying, “When you go through a test, you come out of it with a testimony.”

Pastor Paul Sheppard will also be speaking again tonight, Wednesday, November 7, 2007at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. For more info about this event, visit and look for Special Events.