Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bible Answer Man: Mormonism Week

If you don't know much about Mormons and what they believe, I urge you to tune into the Bible Answer Man show this week as host Hank Hanegraaff will feature a week long discussion of Mormonism.

You can find more info at Hank's site, equip.org, or listen online at OnePlace.com

Hank has a number of free articles on his site about Mormonism that are must reads.

By listening to the Bible Answer Man and reading some of Hank's articles, you'll soon find that Mormons DO NOT define Jesus and God the same way that Christians do and are therefore not Christians. For example, Hank points out in his article, Mormons--Can they Be Considered Christians,

"...the reality is that Mormons believe in a Jesus vastly different than the Jesus of the Bible. You see, Mormonism teaches that Jesus is just one of countless other gods--a belief known as polytheism."
In another article, "What is Mormonism," Hank Hanegraaf writes,
"Contrary to biblical teachings they also believe in more than one God, that God is a literal man, that men can become gods, that Jesus was the spirit brother of Lucifer, not to mention salvation by works and not by grace."
I urge you to learn more about Mormonism as its leaders, including Mormon Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, seek to play down the differences between their cult and true Christianity. Romney says he believes in Jesus and accepts Jesus as his savior, but the Jesus of Mormonism is not the Jesus in the Bible that Christians believe in.

You may also want to read a ChristianityToday.com article about a Mormon scholar that Hank mentions on his show, Thomas Murphy, who argued that DNA testing disproves Mormon history and therefore the Book of Mormon, the foundation of their faith. Here's an excerpt from this article:

"The Book of Mormon details migrations of Israelites to the Western Hemisphere more than 4,200 years ago. According to the book, some of the people were Lamanites, cursed with dark skin because of sin. The current introduction to the Book of Mormon claims that Lamanites were ancestors of American Indians."

Murphy concluded, 'dna research lends no support to traditional Mormon beliefs about the origins of Native Americans.'"

Be blessed today by telling others about what Jesus has done for you.

Your Brother In Christ,

Steven Kendall