Thursday, January 17, 2008

Parenting: Enjoying the Process with Dr. Kevin Leman

Focus of the Family is airing a three-part program, Jan. 16-18, 2008, featuring Dr. Kevin Leman, who is a family psychologist, as well as a radio and TV personality. Dr. Leman is the author of several books including, The Birth Order Book and Making Children Mind Without Losing Yours.

I listened to the Wednesday program and found Dr. Leman to be Bible based, humorous and very practical in his approach to parenting. One tip that I'll try: When a two or three year old refuses to budge when you call them, try calling them, then walk backwards and they'll usually come to you.

On today's program, Dr. Leman addresses how to handle unruly teens, among other topics.

Dr. Leman will be holding a live chat online from 1:30-3pm Eastern Standard Time today, Thursday, Jan. 17, 2008.

Be blessed today by spending time reading the Bible.

Your Brother in Christ,

Steven Kendall