Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 12--Faith, Not Fear: STOP, LOOK & LISTEN

Welcome to Day 12 of our Bible based, Christ focused devotional.

Purpose: With so many people suffering during these tough economic times, I wanted to create a daily devotional which would promote faith in God as a solution to overcoming anger and fear.

Each devotional will provide a daily passage of Scripture for you to reflect on throughout the day. In addition, an “Action Item” will assign a daily, simple task to help you address your fears with faith and move forward with God's plans for you.

Thank you and God bless you for reading this devotional--please share it with others!

Steve Kendall



TODAY'S SCRIPTURE FOR REFLECTION: The LORD said to him, "Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I, the LORD ? Exodus 4:11 (New International Version) (Read Exodus 4:1-17 for the context of this story)

OPENING PRAYER: In your opening prayer, please thank God for His constant presence in your life--even during times when you think He's not there, He is.

Stop, Look & Listen Every morning, I watch our child walk to the bus stop. Our child is a teenager and doesn't need my assistance to catch the bus, but in my eyes, she'll always be my little girl.

When our son rode the bus, I did the same, I watched from the door as he walked to the bus. Sometimes he would look back, smile and wave. He still does that when he goes off to work in the summer--and I watch from the door.

Although our son is now a young adult, when he turns to smile and wave, I see the happy little boy from over 10 years ago, loaded up with a huge backpack, and walking with a bounce to his step.

I had to stop writing for moment as I got a lump in my throat and watery eyes. Although I could say this just happened as I'm tired and my defenses are down, I know it is because of the immense love I have for my wife and children.

Both of our children are probably not aware sometimes that although they walk alone to the bus, I'm always watching over them--just as our Heavenly Father does for us. He always there, watching, and ready to help if we cry out to Him.

As I thought about all of the above this morning, a phrase popped into my head, "Stop, Look and Listen."

Our son made a habit of taking safety instructions he learned at school very seriously. He would come home and explain concepts to us such as, "Stop, Drop and Roll" if you catch on fire, and of course, when crossing the street, one should, "Stop, Look and Listen."

"Stop, Look and Listen." A phrase that we all should reflect on as we progress through life's ups and downs.

In these devotions we've talked about being patient and waiting on the Lord to provide guidance. Stop, Look and Listen fits nicely with how we should communicate with the Lord:

1. To be open to what God wants us to do, we need to first stop what we're doing and pay attention to Him.

2. Next, we should look at what God may be trying to show us. Sometimes, He places the answer to our prayers right in front of us, and we still miss it because we are looking for something else.

God often presents answers in ways we never imagined, but unless we pay attention, and see things through His eyes, as to what is best for us, we may pass by the blessing and not even know it.

3. Lastly, we should listen to what God is trying to tell us. When I was in film school, one of the first lessons I remembered was that anything that interferes with your message is noise.

We often let the "noise," or distractions of the world drown out God's message for us.

To be blunt, to truly listen, one needs to shut up. Once we quiet our mouths and minds, God's message can be received as a clear, strong signal without noise, or static.

Can I get an "Amen," somebody! : )

I love you and thank you for reading this devotional. You are truly a blessing in my life.

Have a safe, peaceful, blessed day, everybody! ----------------------------------


For the remainder of our devotions, please pray about whatever the Lord places in your heart and mind.

I also ask that you pray for me as well. I pray daily for everyone who comes in contact with these devotions and need your prayers.

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