Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 19--Faith, Not Fear: YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THAT!

October is breast cancer awareness month.

You can learn more about early breast cancer detection, treatment options, and how you can get involved, at the American Cancer Society site:

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Welcome to Day 19 of our Bible based, Christ focused devotional.
Purpose: With so many people suffering during these tough economic times, I wanted to create a daily devotional which would promote faith in God as a solution to overcoming anger and fear.
Each devotional will provide a daily passage of Scripture for you to reflect on throughout the day. In addition, an “Action Item” will assign a daily, simple task to help you address your fears with faith and move forward with God's plans for you.
Thank you and God bless you for reading this devotional--please share it with others!
Steve Kendall



Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.  

Matthew 7:13-20 (New International Version)

OPENING PRAYER:                          
In your opening prayer, in addition to anything else you want to pray about, ask God to help you to stay true to what is right, and not take the easy road to what you know is wrong for your life.
You Know Better Than That!
Today I felt a bit better, but was still weak from only being able to eat toast, saltines and drink ginger ale--my morning sickness diet : )

As my appetite began to return during the day, I was tempted to eat some food that I didn’t want to go to waste. But…I told myself, “You know better than that!”  

I’ve been down this road many, many times before. While recovering from the stomach flu, or some other illness, I have to gradually move from not being able to eat anything, to the morning sickness diet, to my normal meals. If I jump ahead, and eat solid food right away, I’ll pay for it big time. My stomach will hurt and I’ll slow down my recovery.

There were times today when I wanted to work on some things around the house, but I was too tired and needed a nap. I was tempted to keep moving, but I told myself, “You know better than that!”  If I don’t get enough rest, my body will really, really make me pay. 

This evening, as I ate saltines and drank ginger ale while typing today’s devotional, I thought about some of the times in my life when I moved forward with something that I knew was wrong. These were things and situations that I knew God would not agree with, but, like a stubborn child, I did it anyway, and of course, had to pay for it big time.

It’s often just so much easier to do that which we know is wrong. 

I probably thought about this all day long so that I wouldn’t be tempted to eat the wrong things and not get enough rest. There was a time when I would get frustrated about all of this, but I can say that it has taught me patience through prayer.

In fact, I appreciate food sooooo much more given that I can’t eat what I want most of the time.

After my first nap/rest break of the day, I wanted to write this devotional, but found myself still too tired. I wasn’t going to check my email, but I’m glad I did because my day was blessed and brightened by a wonderful email I received from someone who was inspired by one of the recent devotionals. 

Just that short, wonderful message made my day. It took my mind off my so-called problems (I remind myself that although I can’t eat much right now, there are folks who don’t have any food at all).

That single act of kindness, expressed in an email, was just what I needed to force me to turn off the computer and get back into bed. I had a nice, long nap and woke up with enough energy to write this devotional.

I enjoy producing these devotionals as I don’t know what I’ll write from day to day.  Each morning I just pray about it and share whatever the Lord brings forward from my heart and mind as I deal with strengthening my faith during difficult times.

In closing, I want to share info about two sermons I listened to while resting today:
1.     The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans: Among other things, Dr. Evans described how our faith in Christ is like some of the planets in our solar system and how they behave based on their distance from the sun.
Dr. Evans went on to discuss how the planets Mercury and Pluto are both in the solar system, but they are not the same because they do not share the same proximity to the center of the system, which is the sun. 

Like planets, Dr. Evans pointed out that if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you are in the “system.” The question is, “what is your position within the system?” How close are you to the Son?

He talked about “Pluto Christians,” who because of the distance they keep from Christ, are constantly cold in their faith, and often feel defeated and discouraged. 

“Mercury Christians,” he explained, are on fire for Christ, as they stay close to Him. 

Dr. Evans argued that most of us are “Earth Christians,” because the Earth is seasonal and we go through different seasons of our faith. “Situations rotate you into a seasonal circumstance,” said Evans. Sometimes you’re on fire for Christ, sometimes you are cold to Him, etc.

I enjoy listening to Dr. Evans because he has a down- to-earth way of explaining things, often with humor. 

To listen to his message, CLICK HERE, then look for the “October 12, 2010” sermon, “Revival: The Return of God to His People”
2.     The second sermon I enjoyed today was “Intouch with Dr. Charles Stanley.” Dr. Stanley talked about God’s purpose in the storms of our lives. Specifically, God doesn’t send storms our way to sink us, but to cleanse and sanctify us and to develop our character. 

The storms of life, says Dr. Stanley, can often serve to pull us back to God when we get off track. 

When we’ve been through a storm with God’s help, when can then minister to, and help others who are experiencing difficult times because you’ve “been there” and “done that” (my words, not Dr. Stanley’s) : )

For Dr. Stanley’s sermon, CLICK HERE and look for October 12, 2010, “God’s Purpose, Part 1” 

Dr. Stanley also has a helpful, daily devotional you can read and/or listen to called, “Advancing Through Adversity”:

For today’s Action Item try to listen to one, or both of the sermons listed above and think about how they apply to your life.

Until tomorrow, have a blessed day!
CLOSING PRAYER: For the remainder of our devotions, please pray about whatever the Lord places in your heart and mind. I also ask that you pray for me as well. I pray daily for everyone who comes in contact with these devotions and feel blessed as a result.
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