Friday, November 16, 2007 - Interlinear Bible in Greek and Hebrew

I love to learn about the Bible in its original languages. Specifically, learning words in the ancient, Koine Greek (common Greek) of the New Testament is one of my passions.

An online resource that I use to look up Greek passages and their pronunciation can be found at This site offers a Hebrew and Greek interlinear version of the Bible.

For example, I was recently looking up the use of the word Dunamis (power or great force) for a Bible study lesson and used to translate Acts 1:8 and 19:11. I was then able to see the English version above the Greek. By clicking on any Greek word, you are then taken to a page which provides both a definition and a short audio clip of someone pronouncing the word. also has a wide variety of Bible study resources, from devotionals and music to the latest news as it relates to Christians.

Have a blessed, safe and happy weekend!