Friday, November 9, 2007

Moving Through Opened Doors

Today I want to recommend a book by author and businesswoman, Dawn Fitch, entitled, Moving Through Opened Doors: Business and Life Lessons taught by Abundant Blessings. Ms. Fitch is the President and founder of Pooka, Inc., a bath and body company, which makes its products by hand with natural ingredients without any preservatives or dyes. --Okay, full disclosure I learned about Dawn and her company through her colleague, my cuz, Tricia and I’ve been blessed as a result.

Dawn’s book presents a moving testimony of her life to date and as a career woman who is overcoming the challenges associated with a chronic illness. She gives God the credit for the blessings in her life along the way. Specifically, the business she founded Pooka, has been growing thanks to the hard work of her family and friends and the added blessing of increasing media coverage.

The book is ideal for readers of all ages and contains not only a valuable testimony to the grace and mercy of God, but also offers insightful and helpful tips to entrepreneurs.

As for Pooka’s bath and body products, I’m a dude, dude, but love the Elbow Grease as it really helps my dry skin. Plus, they’re currently giving stuff away for FREE on Fridays!

You can learn more about Dawn, her company and order her book at:

Have a blessed, safe and warm weekend!

Your Brother in Christ,