Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 1: Romancing Your Spouse--I Love You!

Today I begin a new 40 day devotional entitled,
Romancing Your Spouse. I'll return to our novel,
The Substance of Things Hoped For very soon
and post a link to it's new location.

I was inspired to write this new devotional by a friend
who reminded me of how important it is to date
your spouse with the same interest and passion as
when you first met.

Today's Topic: Tell Your Spouse, "I Love You!"

Assignment: Simply put, find time today to tell your
spouse, "I love you!"

Perhaps you'd like to send an unexpected email with this message, or write it as a note to sneak into their lunch bag?

Whatever method you choose, be sincere and after you say, "I love
you," let your spouse know that you want to start dating again. If they
ask why, you are welcome to blame this devotional and send them
a link to it. : )

Scripture: For the next 40 days, read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 each day.
You can download a free PDF of my devotional
on this topic at:
(Click on the Red book cover, Love Never Fails
and it should take you to the free download page.)

Prayer: Pray in private each day for guidance in adding more romance
into your relationship.

Also, pray with your spouse, and begin
by thanking God for bringing them into your life.

--Okay, get to it. I'm about to tell my wife that I love her! : )