Friday, November 4, 2011

Days 3-5: I Wanna Hold Your Hand

Weekend Topic (for Fri.-Sun.): Holding Hands

(Special Sunday assignment can be found below)

Assignment: Find opportunities this weekend to hold

Even if you find yourselves too tired after work today to go out on a date, hold hands while watching TV.

If possible, go out for a short walk after dinner tonight and
hold hands. Discuss at least one thing you'd each like to do
for an upcoming date. Perhaps something you haven't done
in a long while, or ever. Talking about it now will permit you 
time to plan the date well in advance. 

Most of us folks in the United States will be changing  
our clocks this weekend and getting an extra hour of sleep, 
but losing an hour of evening daylight, so take advantage 
of the Fri./Sat. evening sunset.

Scripture: Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 each day.
You can download a free PDF of my devotional
on this topic at:

(Click on the Red book cover, Love Never Fails
and it should take you to the free download page.)

Prayer: Pray in private each day for guidance in
adding more romance into your relationship.

Also, pray with your spouse, and begin
by thanking God for bringing them into your life.

Sunday's Assignment:
Simply put, attend worship service this weekend. 
Whether it be the traditional Sunday morning service,
or some other form of weekend worship, such as Bible study, 
in your relationship with Christ and with each other.

Hold hands on your way in and out of your house of worship.

If appropriate, and it feels comfortable, hold hands
during the worship service.
              Thanks for reading this devotional and 
                     have a blessed weekend!
                                              --Steve Kendall