Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Romancing Your Spouse-Day 8: Prayer

Topic for Day 8: Prayer
"Love is patient..."
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (New International Version)

A Week of Patience:
We continue our week of patience with a focus on the first three words of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8,  
"Love is patient..." (New International Version)

This is the week we focus on being patient with our spouse. 

Question for Reflection:
How often do you pray for patience? 

Praying for Patience:
Patience is not always easy to exercise. Sometimes,
we think we can handle the smallest things in life
by ourselves. Let's be real. We can't do anything without
God's help. I thank God each morning I wake up as
I know I certainly had nothing to do with it.

To enlist God's help daily, we need to pray daily. I'm
making a greater effort to pray throughout the day, and
not just at night before going to bed, or some other designated

Patience can truly be exercised when we pray. 

Ask your spouse to pray with you today. If you haven't
prayed together before, now is a good time to get started.

It may seem awkward at first, but remember, you both are
having a conversation with God through prayer.

Pray together, not only privately, but in public situations, such as right before you start up your car. 

I really appreciate it when my wife takes time out to say a quick prayer before we drive off somewhere. I have a bad habit of not praying enough, especially before
beginning a task. I'm thankful God gave me a wonderful wife who sets a great example of patience and prayer.

Make prayer with your spouse a habit in your household--henceforth, if it isn't already.

Have a blessed, prayer filled day, everybody! : )
            --Steve Kendall